Gabrielle Goldman

Finca Cold Brew Branding


Finca Cold Brew

Print + Packaging

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop.


My Roles in this project were Branding, Illustration, Logo Development

Timeline: 5 Weeks

Partner: Kate Reingold

Challenge:  FINCA owner, Abbie Richert was looking for a unique branding system for her new cold brew business. While visiting Columbia, Abbie stayed with the owners of local coffee farm and came back to the States with a determination to bring the coffee back to Seattle. The FINCA story is an inspiring one, and Abbie wanted the wild, colorful plant life of Columbia to represent her brand. Abbie would need a logo to adapt and expand to multiple platforms to authentically tell her story and the story of the family back in Columbia. Abbie knew she wanted her brand to capture the wildness and heart of Columbia while maintaining a contemporary appeal. The coffee cart, the center of her business plan, needed to stand out from the rest on the streets of Seattle and local Farmers Markets.




This secondary wordmark serves as an internal branding system for FINCA and Abbie Richert for her professional endeavors. It distills all of the wild life of the coffee cart into a refined and structured identity, while maintaining the personality and color of the customer-facing brand.

More process coming soon!