Gabrielle Goldman

HoloSynth UX/UI + Branding



UX/UI + Product Design + Branding

Tools: Whiteboard, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects

My Roles: Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Motion, Advertising, UI, Product Development

Timeline: 9 Weeks

Partners : Xio Lugo + Amanda Welch

Challenge : When given the prompt to concept a product for emerging AR technology , an idea for a holographic synthesizer collection was conceived. Such a device could condense the world of analog and digital synths into one wearable device. Using this as a launching point, we went through the wormhole of analogue and digital musician software and hardware spanning back decades. 

Process : We first established who we were designing for. What began as an instructional product, soon morphed into a sophisticated piece of equipment for musicians and tech nerds. Utilizing the data collected, we established a system for musicians to build their own "rig" by combining various replicated pieces of analog equipment. Although a device such as this may never truly replicate a piece of analogue equipment, we found that musicians would appreciate the financial value of the product. By fulfilling their needs to play with more convenience and to try new equipment without the steep financial investment. 

We explored the growth potential of the product, which further confirmed out target demographic. The potential for plug-ins are vast for the player to build their own rig or experiment with new pieces of equipment. We also introduced social sharing into the device: users could upload their songs onto Sound Cloud or a similar music sharing application. 

With little to no current marketing for AR products, branding was a different kind of challenge. Keeping Synth and Tech Nerds in mind, I established a branding language based on retro shapes and colors with pops of futuristic appeal. To demonstrate how this new technology works, visual storytelling plays an essential role through the use of GIFS, photographs, and graphics to educate and excite the potential audience.