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Marlowe + Co




My Roles Included Responsive Web Design, Branding, Motion, Advertising, Illustration

Marlowe + Co is a group of female designers who work with crowdsourcing to microfund women's artisan collectives in areas of need. The artisan collectives provide training in traditional crafts, education, business, and more. Marlowe + Co empowers women to work together across borders to create unique pieces that blend the traditional with the modern.

Challenge: We started with extensive research in the areas of micro loans, fair trade, women’s global issues, artisan collectives, and e-commerce businesses dealing in Fair Trade. We noticed a lot of businesses selling fair trade either base their entire business model around the good your money is going to, or neglect to incorporate it enough. We knew the project could be a success when either side works to stand on its own, but together they become an even better and unique business model.

Solution: By blending traditional craft with contemporary design, we created an elegant and contemporary brand centered around women and the beauty they create. We used inspiring storytelling to evoke the the potential customer to want to become a part of the story.