Gabrielle Goldman

Portshowlio 2018 Promo + Marketing Video


Portshowlio 2018 

Digital Motion

Tools: Adobe Premier, After Effects

My Roles on this project were Creative Lead, Director, and Editor.

Timeline: 10 Weeks

Challenge: To oversee and Art Direct a team of 7 to create motion and video content for SCCA’s 2018 Portfolio Show, while adhering to brand guidelines. 

Solution: Starting day one, I decided our team would create weekly content to be released as promotional materials leading up to the show. This footage would then be further edited into a snappy promo video and atmospheric exhibit footage. Working under brand guidelines, I exaggerated the themes of building, learning, and the creative process to create footage to work across 3 mediums to describe the class of 2018 and our time at SCCA. 



The class of 2018 was known to have killer personalities! I wanted to showcase our diversity and spirits in motion. When given the brand guidelines for POP UP STUDIO,  a moving yearbook in a Pop Art-style grid was one of my first ideas.  





We animated and shot live footage weekly, so it could be released to Marketing for social media content leading up the show.